10:15 PM 11-7-15 The SORKIN REPORT says I LOVE COPS. On a day when there was a catastrophe in Louisiana when 2 cops shot and killed a 6 year old little boy I still say I Love Cops. The 2 cops involved in this horrendous killing have already been charged with 2nd degree murder. We hope and pray that justice will prevail and that the long blue line will only join us in asking for justice. Incidents like the one I’ve just described embarrassed and distressed the 99% of great cops and other law enforcement officers, all the professional cops who put on their uniforms every day to serve and protect ALL the rest of us. Some of the untold stories can be told without media hype and simply as the late JACK WEBB said in “DRAGNET” only the facts please. You don’t have to be told about the days the cops are there, no matter what the weather is, no matter what the hour of the day THEY are there. They deserve our respect and our thanks.  To look at only the figures will give you more of an insight of what the cops do. There are approximately 1,220,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S. who go out to do an important job, but during 2014 133 didn’t make it home after their shift. So far in 2015 through October 104 won’t dress for their next shift. There is much more to be said and many more figures to relate but I’m sure you know the story. There are some out there who can’t conceal hate for cops and yet they are given the same protection and assurance. Such as Quenton Tarantino and Jamie Foxx, who are in my opinion cop haters. Let them change their attitudes and beliefs so that they realize the importance of the cops on the beat. We at THE SORKIN REPORT Love Cops!!!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA my home and the home of THE SORKIN REPORT.  PLEASE PASS THIS ON!!!


9:34 PM 10-13-15 The SORKIN REPORT has taken a bit of time off to luxuriate in another of GOD’S gifts to me. On Sept. 13 the world was gifted with a new wonderful, handsome, genius,  my first GREAT GRANDCHILD, a GREAT GRANDSON. I am thrilled at his arrival and yet concerned or is it worried about the world into which he has been thrust. There are 30 or 40 wars, insurrections, rebellions, revolutions, and conflicts going on now around this absolutely crazy home of humanity. While the 193 members of the United Nations Club sit idly by having meetings to decide whether to have a meeting or to form a committee to try to decide to have a meeting. And all the while our planet spins ready to tilt off it’s axis for the final Armageddon. The 193 lunch partners sitting in their wonderful Italian marble halls over near the East River have done NOTHING since the UN formation in 1945. The faces have changed, the minds have grown duller, the only thing that hasn’t changed is their response to a conflagration, it is their complete inactivity and inability to do anything. For good or bad, for GOODNESS sake, take a chance, do something, “the greatest risk is not taking one”. Someone speak up, don’t just sit there and plan your next luncheon. All of humanity waits and prays or wishes for an attempt by you 193 dumbheads to form a committee to take some action to save all of creation for my new GREAT GRANDSON and your GREAT CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN and even you bird brains. Time is running out because the only ones running are the headchoppers and the terrorists by a hundred different names and the dictators who continue to reach out ever farther each day to envelop this earthly state of human existence in their prison of fear. GOD bless the United States of America, only one among 2 or 3 that have the potential to save all of the 7 billion. The SORKIN REPORT commands them and you to deliver all of us from evil. GOD bless the UNITED STATES of AMERICA my home and the home of the SORKIN REPORT!!!

We may have lost the battle BUT WE WILL WIN THE WAR

11-20 PM – 9-11-15  THE SORKIN REPORT – As I sat and watched “The Civil War”, a film by Ken Burns with the rest of the staff of THE SORKIN REPORT (me),  my thoughts turned to the difference between the governments of Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln and Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Sadly the comparison is not comparable because the 2 are so much better than the one. Lincoln, of course was so much greater than Davis although Davis fought for his “country” to the end of his strength and after the complete defeat of his armies. Lincoln, of course is THE GREAT EMANCIPATOR whose legacy is the objective of all men, while HUSSEIN Obama struggles for his legacy by capitulating to the murderers whose shrill voices still sound clearly saying “kill the Americans” and “death to America”, and “death to ISRAEL”, America’s only true friend in the entire world, as he reaches for his pen to sign away more of the U.S. than he has already given away. The Civil War was the tearing apart of a great nation but APPOMATTOX was the building block of an even greater nation until in my opinion the debacle brought about by Obama. He has torn this country apart, he has caused frightening devisiveness by attempting to destroy our country by the simple expedient of transposing a vowel and a consonant, he has sent the UNITED STATES into a country of UNTIED STATES.  It is not a shame,  it is in my opinion a catastrophic crime. To those of you who have followed him and put PARTY over COUNTRY when the ayatollahs are still screaming “death to America”, to those of you who put aside the possibility of a Manchurian Candidate living on Pennsylvania Ave., to those of you who did not listen to P.M. Netanyahu of ISRAEL speak to Congress on 3-3-15, to those of you who have doublecrossed the most solid ally of the USA , ISRAEL, the blood of the world is now upon your hands, whether it be 5 years or 10 years while Iran spends the 150 billion dollars of ransom paid by the U.S. to expand the enemies of the U.S. Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and the other slithering defilers of the U.S.  Do not forget these actions of yours, as I tell you and your cohorts that our foes are still saying “KILL THE AMERICANS”.  My comment to all of you is that I trust B. HUSSEIN Obama, Valerie Jarrett and John Kerry only as far as I can throw the WASHINGTON MONUMENT! GOD BLESS THE USA and may we someday in the near future regain our strength as a NATION built on the proposition of ONE NATION UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all and for all the aetheists and agnostics may all of your wishes come true for a GREAT USA! God Bless the USA my home and the home of THE SORKIN REPORT!

Stop the Slide in 2016

The SORKIN REPORT is back (that means that I’m back) from a short vacation which we used to re-charge the batteries. As you know by now all of the comments and opinions I write are my own except in cases where I credit the comments to those who made them. Our staff is much smaller than most media sources so that the outsources must be used. First, a comment or three about the 2016 election which I hope will bring to a crushing halt the downward slide we have been in for the past six years. An observation about the heiress apparent of the Dempcratic party, what’s her name? In case you haven’t read the USA TODAY article of Saturday Aug. 1st, here’s a short version of it. The Clintons who file a joint tax return showed that they earned slightly over 28 million in 2014 and 27 million in 2013. They said that they donated 15 million to charities since 2007 but you should also know that of the 15 million 14.8 million went to the CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION which in many cases uses the money for the personal use of the Clintons when they fly on political trips and other personal meetings. Incidentally, in one of her speeches Mrs. Clinton said “they want to give me another tax break I don’t need instead of putting middle class families first”. But what the Clintons did do is take that 15 million tax deduction while Mrs. Clinton allegedly paid $600 for a haircut, that does not seem to quite be in the realm of the middle class families she says she is so worried about. If you believe her I have a beautiful bridge for sale, call me. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA my home and the home of THE SORKIN REPORT!!!


I, the SORKIN REPORT cry today not for myself but for the whole world.  Nine wonderful church going believers in a supreme being in their place of worship were gunned down, murdered, for only one reason, they were Black. These fathers and mothers and children and their own dynamic Pastor who shared himself with both the religious and secular world as he represented his district in the S.C. legislature, their deaths was an abomination to all.  All struck down simply because they were Black.  My heart and mind turn directly to the distressing parallel between the shooting today in Charlestown with the almost daily anti-semitic attacks of violence on Jews simply because they are Jews. Does it matter that the killings of Jews was done in Paris or that the killings of Blacks was done in Charlestown, S.C.?  It does not, the world has reached the brink of insanity because there is not one single leader in this world of SEVEN BILLION who has the guts and strength to call a halt to this craziness.  Anti-Semitism against Jews has risen 21% from 2013 through 2014 here in this wonderful country of ours the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  I dare to say that the violent acts against Blacks has also risen to new heights. The resemblances are appalling for what it shows is that we are all vulnerable, it is time to STOP the KILLING !!!NOW.  I quote from the great American writer, humorist and wonderful human being MARK TWAIN who said in 1899——“All things are mortal but the Jew, all other forces pass, but he remains”.  Also, Count Leo Tolstoy, the famous author of “War and Peace” who wrote in 1908——-“He who has been for so long the Guardian of Prophesy and has transmitted it to the rest of the world.  Such a nation CANNOT BE DESTROYED. The Jew is as everlasting as Eternity itself.  ‘I truly believe that Blacks and Jews and all people of good conscience and good faith will someday live in harmony, not only here in my home the WONDERFUL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, but also all over the world.  We have been torn asunder into a nation of pieces instead of as Pres. Woodrow Wilson proclaimed in 1915, ‘A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group in America has not yet become an American. “Let us again, together strive for the AMERICA we love best, “one nation under GOD with liberty and justice for ALL.”  GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MY HOME!!!! Please pass this SORKIN REPORT to a friend.


I sometimes wonder how in this world did the newspaper owners, editors, writers, typesetters (all one man or woman incidentally) carry on to produce a paper in towns like Wild City Montana, or River Bluff Wyoming with guns going off all over the town (as they still do today).  Why the heck did they continue to do it. The reason of course is they HAD TO.  They weren’t forced by any law to do it, they weren’t forced by some “progressive” movement to do it, they JUST had to do it.  I find that in writing the SORKIN REPORT since June 2012, even in its spasmodic issues it is something that I must do.  True, the SORKIN REPORT is just maybe 5-10% news and then 90-95% MY OPINION.  The feedback from our readers and our MAN IN THE STREET segment are mostly good comments and so “we” labor on.  “We” darn well know that we are not changing laws, but maybe we’re giving someone an idea or a thought about changing a law to make a better life.  But then when I look around and read the comments of our elected and appointed officials I get the idea that most of them can’t think their way out a wet paper bag.  Fraud, thievery, chicanery, they do them all.  I say that 95% of them do it for personal aggrandizement or for the better known reason, money in their pocket.  I say that the 95% of them do it for PARTY, NOT FOR COUNTRY when it comes to a vote when those two venues are involved.  When will it change, I don’t know, will it EVER change, I don’t think so.  Since man/woman was tempted by the snake it has been going on, until someone kills the snake I believe it will continue.  But I’m going to keep writing!  GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MY HOME!  Please pass this SORKIN REPORT on.


I used to think that the U.S. was very good in it’s real estate deals particularly when I looked at 3 of our transactions that I think were absolutely great! First of my 3 top R.E. victories was the 1803 Louisiana Purchase where we bought 828,000 sq. miles of territory for 15 million, which means we paid about .03/acre.  Not a bad deal.  My second good deal was the 1853 Gadsden purchase where we paid just 10 million for 29,670 sq. miles of expanse which became part of Arizona and New Mexico.  However, as with many R. E. deals there were and still are problems and whereas clauses which will probably go on for another 100 years. The third purchase was the biggest granddaddy of them all.  In 1867 we bought 586,412 sq. miles of what turned out to be Alaska. The price was a paltry $7,200,000 and here again there were dozens of whereas clauses.  So far we have taken billions of dollars of gold and other minerals, and millions of gallons of oil from the land and millions of dollars of fish from the seas around Alaska. All for about .02/acre.

And now comes the other side of the trade done under the Obama transparency method where we are preparing under the Chicago Community Organizer, known as YOUR president B.HUSSEIN OBAMA, to capitulate to that tower of honesty and integrity, IRAN, which hasn’t kept it’s word or treaty since they began signing treaties.  It’s huge hidden underground centrifuge bomb producing plants are still concealed and NOT discussed in Obama’s hearing.  And now Cuba comes into the picture of friendship of B. HUSSEIN OBAMA where it brings in her most public love of the U.S. by still supplying a safe hideout for the convicted U.S. cop killer, Joanne Chesimard who escaped from a U.S. prison in 1979 and was granted asylum by Cuba and has been living there since the 1980s.  Another U.S. cop killer living in safe Cuba is the little known Charlie Hill. Also, Fidel and Raul have killed thousands of their own people and caused the deaths of hundreds who drowned while trying to flee from Cuba.  Also Cuba is a staunch friend of No. Korea and is accused of sending weapons of all types to Pyongyang. What else is there about the B. HUSSEIN OBAMA deal?  The cost to the U.S. is the loss of power in the world arena, the loss of being recognized as the guardian of the defenseless, the friend and helpmate to all who needed us, the refuge of millions who have luckily escaped from their totalitarian rulers, the haven to all those who want only want what we have here in the wonderful U.S., the 1941 manifesto, freedom of speech and religion, freedom from want and fear.  In other words, in my opinion as Editor, among other titles that I have with the SORKIN REPORT, we have possibly given away FOR FREE under the reign of B. HUSSEIN OBAMA the greatest country that the world has ever known.  And why wouldn’t the U.S. give away the store to Iran when Valerie June Bowman Jarrett who was born in Shiraz, Iran to a communist family and was raised as a communist and is the strong right hand of B.HUSSEIN OBAMA and in some circles she is said to be the real power in the White House.  Ms. Jarrett still has many friends including high ranking clerics in Iran so let’s give Iran the whole planet. Let us pray and for the agnostics and the atheists let us hope that there is still time and effort to rescue and reclaim the fabulous UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MY HOME!!! Please pass this SORKIN REPORT on!


In the poll completed Sunday 4-5-15, the SORKIN REPORT and it’s ‘Man In The Street’ ancillary have found the following results. On the question of name the 3 WORST presidents in U.S. history we are using only those who gathered the top 3 spots.  Pres. b. HUSSEIN Obama was named by 73% of respondents as the WORST PRESIDENT in U.S. history.  Pres. Jimmy Carter was named as second WORST president with 16% and President James Buchanan gaining the third spot with 11%.  We are now in the process of compiling our answer to the one question of “do you think the Obama-Iran NUCLEAR BOMB agreement is good for the U.S. or bad for the U.S.”?  Because of our relatively small staff we will not have the results available until about 4-20-15 which will also enable us to have a better understanding of the still to be examined by CONGRESS agreement. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA my home!!! Please pass this SORKIN REPORT on. Written 4-6-15 posted 4-8-15.

They Refused To Listen


In the SORKIN REPORT of 3-3-15, NETANYAHU TELLS THE TRUTH, we stated that we would name all of the SEN. and REPS. who refused to attend the NETANYAHU speech. Here is the list, see if your SEN. or REP. is named. The SEN. list: Al Franken, MN; Tim Kaine, VA.; Pat Leahy, VT.; Bernie Sanders, VT.; Brian Schatz, HI.; Martin Heinrich, NM.; Elizabeth Warren, MA.; Sheldon Whitehouse, RI. The REP. list: Karen Bass, CA.; Earl Blumenauer, OR.; Corrine Brown, FL.; G.K. Butlerfield, NC.; Lois Capps, CA.; Andre Carson, IN.; Katherine Clark, MA.; Lacy Clay, MO.; Emanuel Cleaver, MO.; James Clyburn, SC.; Steve Cohen, TN.; Bonnie Watson Coleman, NJ.; John Conyers, MI.; Danny Davis, IL.; Peter De Fazio, OR.; Diana DeGEtte, CO.; Lloyd Doggett, TX.; Donna Edwards, MD.; Keith Ellison, MN.; Chaka Fattah, PA.; Marcia Fudge, OH,; Raul Grijalva, AZ.; Luis Gutierrez, IL.; Denny Heck, WA,; Ruben Hinojosa, TX.; Eddie Bernice, Johnson, TX.; Mary Kaptur, OH.; Rick Larsen, WA.; Barbara Lee, CA.; John Lewis, GA.; Zoe Lofgren, CA.; Betty McCollum, MN.; Jim McDermott, WA.; Jim McGovern, MA.; Jerry McNerney, CA.; Gregory Meeks, NY.; Gwen Moore, WI.; Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC.; Beto O’Rourke, TX.; Chellie Pingree, ME.; David Price, NC,; Charles Rangel, NY.; Cedric Richmond, LA.; John Schakowsky, IL.; Bennie Thompson, MS.; Mike Thompson, CA.; John Yarmuth, KY. That is the list. God Bless The United States of America, my home and the MOTTO OF THE SORKIN REPORT!!!!


In an attempt to give the opinion of the SORKIN REPORT regarding the speech earlier today of PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU of ISRAEL we have called on a few of our volunteer correspondents “stationed around the world”.
One of the first questions we ask and answer is why members of CONGRESS both in the HOUSE and in the SENATE did not attend the speech. It appears to us that it is very much like 10 year olds playing in the school yard. They seem to be saying unless you play by my rules, I’m going to take my basketball and go home.
The members of CONGRESS owe their constituents the debt of their going to see and hear the speech of the country that they say in their campaign rhetoric that ISRAEL is our greatest ally and the ONLY DEMOCRACY in the MID-EAST. Yet they refuse to go to listen to NETANYAHU’S speech. They, in my opinion, abrogate their responsibility to their constituents by not going to personally listen to the speech. How can they make an objective opinion without having heard the speech directly. Newspaper, TV and radio accounts do not do the speech justice.
In answer to the question of what is the alternative to the proposed IRANIAN “PEACE” proposal being offered by the White House that is not for public pronouncement as the White House and it’s third or fourth sec. of defense states when it says when and where we will attack ISIS. Our military leaders who are “on the ground” leading our combat forces are the ones who should determine when and where we should attack, not a pencil pusher and campaign fundraiser for the White House who is now given the job of making these decisions.
We will list the names of ALL of the members of CONGRESS who refused to attend the NETANYAHU speech in the CHAMBER. We do not question their loyalty to the US or to their constituents. We do however question their true motives. Their true motives SHOULD BE COUNTRY OVER PARTY. GOD BLESS THE USA.  MY HOME!!!


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