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The results of a SORKIN REPORT poll indicate that our readers and the results of our MAN-IN-THE-STREET interviews in N.J. and N.Y. want more quick short opinions on any and ALL subjects. The results are as follows, 218 say remain as previously written and 437 request a new format. Watch for the NEW SORKIN REPORT …


As I view the specter of 1933 RISING in France, I feel it mounting across the MUSLIM world. I place the blame for the outrageous acts of anti-semitism now being perpetrated against the French Jewish population directly at the desks of the government of France. Beginning with the leading French comic and now spreading to French national sports heroes these acts of Nazi type salutes, writings and comments bode horrible consequences for the Jews of France and ultimately for the Jews of the world. Spewing hatred toward a people whose only desire is to live in peace with their neighbors and to worship in their own way demonstrates the evil and hypocrisy of these kind of people. This is not only an attempt to roll back the tide of hate against Jews but as we look at the entire mid-east we see the killing and slaughter of Christians, particularly Coptic Christians being murdered with their churches being burned. I read that The POPE has called for the cessation of horror acts against Christians the world over especially in the mid-east while He still calls for peace and good will for ALL humankind. Well, I call for the French government who I believe is responsible for the dramatic rise in anti-Judaism in France to be brought before the court of world economy by boycotting their country through eliminating tourism to France and stopping the purchase of ALL French produced goods. Allow their wines to color the Seine until they smash down hard on the hostility against Jews. Jews have somewhere been taught to turn the other cheek, let us now show our strength by tuning the other cheek and responding with a vengeance from our two countries, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the greatest country the world has ever known and ISRAEL, the first Jewish homeland in 3000 years, a duo that was meant to be a powerful tower of strength against hate, anti-semitism, anti-Christianity and ALL other religions who preach GOODNESS and FELLOWSHIP to each other. Let THE POPE join US in this crusade. Let us not wait for the world to see the DANGER of animosity against the Jews in France. Let us place it before them this very day!! It is not the MUSLIMS who are Evil, it is the Evil MUSLIMS who are EVIL. My MANTRA IS NEVER AGAIN !! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Please tell your friends to READ THE SORKIN REPORT!!

Questions and Answers

My question tonight is whose side is Pres. B. Hussein Obama on regarding our dilemma with Iran? In certain areas polled by the SORKIN REPORT, the figures show that 61% determine that Obama is in favor of Iran, 25% that he favors the U.S. and our allies and 14% are undecided. He favors extending the time necessary for the Iranian attempt to complete their nuclear bombs by reducing the sanctions against Iran, while our Congress is strongly in favor of increasing the sanctions with one of the leaders of the strengthening being led by the Sr. N.J. Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat. Our opinion at the SORKIN REPORT is strongly in favor of increasing the sanctions immediately and retaining them until Iran completely surrenders and capitulates in it’s determination to produce their ultimate weapons of mass destruction meant to destabilize the entire middle-east and to annihilate Israel. Then who knows where they will go next in their quest for world domination. Ask the French, the English and most of Europe how Iran is attempting to subvert the governments and the people of these countries. The Answer: GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as we continue to fight EVIL throughout the world!!! Please tell your friends to read the SORKIN REPORT.


One of our Washington scouts has just told us that Pres. B.Hussein Obama was seen coming out of a GYM where he has been trying to strengthen his backbone for the past 6 weeks. So far all the gym time has been for naught. Indications showing that his backbone is still weak, in fact weaker than before as the little 3rd rate backwater regime in Afghanistan is talking back to him and that means to us THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which was before 2008 when Obama came into office the strongest country in the world. The IRAN agreement which I wrote about in my SORKIN REPORT blog of 11-23-13 when I wrote he wanted to be able to say “see I tried”. It is now showing itself to be just that, A FAILURE. It was and is only a showpiece for Obama to say, I tried to get Iran to stop it’s nuclear bomb making project but it just didn’t work. {very much like Obamacare}. Iran has today 11-27-13 just simply said that Obama’s understanding of the new treaty is all hogwash and that their statement is the true and only declaration that matters. That means that they continue to dance ahead with their centrifuges and all other equipment to make those bombs. BE ASSURED that when they get them ready they will challenge THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not only at the conference table but also wherever in the world ARENA they care to. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! 10:50 PM 11-27-13

The Man In The $29.50 Shirt

There’s a man running around the world mostly between Washington, Jerusalem, and Geneva obviously racking up his airline miles for better days when he can just settle down and be king of the shirt and tie salesmen. By the way, in case you haven’t guessed that man running {flying} around is Secy. of State John Kerry the new man singing Obama’s song. It also should be brought to the headlines that secret talks, what other type has there been since Obama came into office with his pledge of transparency in Govt. are being led by Valerie Jarrett who was born in Shiraz,Iran and still has long tentacles into the leadership of the Ayatolas in Iran. The man in the $29.50 shirt is playing a very quiet 3rd fiddle to Jarrett though he may not even know it yet. The pitiful 5+1 group that is trying to effect a truce or partial slowdown with Iran over it’s bomb making is making it easier for Tehran to complete the bomb while the 5+1 group are talking. The U.S. Congress is attempting to strengthen the sanctions against Iran which would have very little effect on Iran because they are using every penny and amount of labor taking away bread and home from every Iranian resident while they spend every rial on bomb making. While Congress or a portion of it FIGHTS for stronger sanctions, Obama and Harry Reid fight agaiunst it and in my opinion they are ready to throw in the Chamberlain White Paper as I wrote in my BLOG of Nov.8,2013. The media is 96.5% for Obama and his policies on everything and are still saying that it is not the time to toughen the sanctions against Iran. It seems as though they are all waiting for the first pictures of the cataclysmic explosion of the first Iranian nuclear bomb to be set off. I believe that poor puppet Kerry said that he will have a failsafe treaty with Iran. Failsafe in this context means let Iran do as they want and we will sign a treaty, that’s what Obama wants, nothing more then a treaty to put his name on so that he can say, see I TRIED!! The 5+1 group is getting closer to the ONE plus ONE group, SAUDI ARABIA and ISRAEL who are trying to SAVE THE WORLD from the utter destruction brought about by the ineffectiveness of the 5+1 group!!! Although the media are still strongly in Obama’s corner the people of the U.S. are getting wise to him as his new low 37% approval rating shows. GOD SAVE THE WORLD GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

George W.Bush another gaffe ?!

Sometimes as I sit down to write the SORKIN REPORT BLOG I find the most difficult problem is how to start the remarks. Tonight as I start to write I think of a phrase, it might be from a song “into each life some rain must fall” or should it be that even when the candle burns under the basket it is still dark, but now as I try to curtail my anger and frustration and disappointment and you decide what else, this is a short SORKIN REPORT on the headline from the Dallas News dated 6:17 PM Nov.7, 2013. The headline is “George W. Bush on the road to Irving to address Jews for Jesus”. Sad as that headline makes me, I try to find a little break in the clouds. When I think wouldn’t it be better if the Headline read George W. Bush was on the road to Christopher or Walter or Angelo, but no, it had to be Irving, a good strong JEWISH name. THE ORGANIZATION THAT BUSH IS SCHEDULED TO SPEAK TO AND TO AID IN RAISING FUNDS FOR IS THE MESSIANIC JEWISH BIBLE INSTITUTE. THE ABSOLUTE STATED PURPOSE OF THIS GROUP IS TO CONVERT JEWS SO THAT IT WILL BRING ABOUT THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. I applaud Bush’s deep religious faith in CHRISTIANITY but I mightily disagree and am shocked at his public statement as to his goal as a speaker to or representative of the MJBU. The Jewish people have been subjugated, brutalized, murdered and shunned for much of the thousands of years they have been a religious people. The Jews are now celebrating the year 5774. Leo Tolstoy who is famous as the author of War and Peace wrote about the Jews in 1908. “The Jew is the emblem of eternity, He who neither slaughter nor torture of thousands of years could destroy, he who neither fire, nor sword, nor inquisition was able to wipe off the face of the earth, He who has been for so long the Guardian of Prophesy and has transmitted it to the rest of the world. Such a nation cannot be destroyed, THE JEW IS AS EVERLASTING AS ETERNITY ITSELF”. I thank you for having read this far and I hope you “get” my feelings. I think it is time to wind down this issue of the SORKIN REPORT, particularly when I think of one of the greatest speeches of all time, The Gettysburg Address which President Abraham Lincoln spoke in just 272 words!!! SEE YOU SOON – ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO READ THE SORKIN REPORT:


Sometimes I wonder if it is wise to be a one man BLOG writer, Chairman of the Board of Dir. of the BLOG and Editorial Chief, but then I realize that it is the “write” thing for me. I write my opinions without fear of somebody’s blue or red pencil changing a single word. There was a children’s poem or “ditty” that had a line in it about someone’s pants being on fire. I wonder if President B. Hussein Obama’s pants are on fire. The sad part is that the only TV station to mention that his pants are on fire is FOX, the other four minor TV stations do not say a word about the Obama Care situation. They drool their usual apologies for him and let the millions of folks who have already lost their insurance try to survive without it. Incidentally, here is a new figure. The state of Delaware has had four people sign up for Obamacare at a cost of about 82,000 dollars per person which was the cost of the “experts” to get the program running in Delaware. That is about $328,000.00 which is part of the reason we’re close to $17,000,000,000.00 in debt, a great deal of it due to the 5 1/2 years of Obama. Just don’t try to see your Dr. to tell him that Pres. Obama said if you want to keep him it’s ok, ’cause as you must know by now’ it ain’t necessarily so”. While we’re on the topic of Pres. “O”, I just hope he doesn’t believe that we’re making any progress in HIS discussions with Iran about cutting their determination to build a number of nuclear bombs. Maybe someday he’ll wake up and know that after the years of careful planning and lying and spending billions of dollars that Iran is going to play nice because “O” and the other Chamberlain type governments want it to be so. I’d like the opportunity to teach him about 1938 and the famous story of Neville and his White Paper; the White Paper was really the flag of surrender which brought on the killing and murders of not 6,000,000 but closer to 25,000,000 when we look at the real casualties of that horrendous blunder in Munich in 1938. Let us pray, hope and wish that “O” and his clique do not give away the “farm” to the fanatics in Iran. See you soon, on the stoop again. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

Where was He when we needed him, Pres. B. Hussein Obama

News Alert: from Wright Field- this report from an anonymous source at Wright Field has stated that the White House has just requested another 4.2 million in addition to the 12 million annual maintenance costs for Air Force One, because the plane’s excessive use has caused certain shaking in the frame and shaking in the President’s putting green in the plane. This request comes from the Dpt. of Entertainment and Relaxation. As we attempted to research this report we noted figures and statements the SORKIN REPORT has stated in previous BLOGS. In no particular chronological order we note that the President was absent or not notified about the following named MAJOR matters of U.S. policy and security. The large and disgraceful non-action about the non-protection of our Ambassador Chris Stevens which resulted in the MURDER of Stevens and three of his staff, the Fast and Furious Gun sale to Mexican Drug Cartels, one gun of which killed one of our Border Patrolman, the disgraceful actions of the IRS in harassing the media, the NOT completely honest report on one of the greatest scams in U.S. history regarding “Obamacare, where Pres. Obama stated on more than one occasion to paraphrase his statement that if you want to keep your own Dr. you could do it. Also, if you want to keep your present health care policy you could do it, etc. Sounds a bit like the car salesman I heard today on TV shouting: you want $6,000 above the book value for your car, you got it: if you want 4100 in cash when you buy this car you got it, and ad infinitum. If the President was absent or not notified about these VERY important U.S. policy matters, the flight records obtained by our Wright Field source indicates that Pres. Obama was using Air Force One on a golf junket or a meeting with world leaders which has led to nothing but the lowering of respect for him and more importantly for the GREAT U.S. The latest poll figures released today 11-1-13 agree with these statements because his personal ratings have fallen to the lowest they have ever been, even lower than those of Jimmy Carter……..See you soon. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

On The Stoop Again

Written 10-23-13 – 10:30PM. Turmoil- the dictionary says it means confusion or disturbance or maybe even tumult, I say it means sadly enough the Great United States today. Now after about 5 1/2 years they can’t get it straight in Washington. The 535 (maybe should only be 520-525) should ALL be tossed out of their fiefdoms and sent out to get a job, but then again there are no jobs to be found. Incidentally, the 535 figure should be 536. They sit or fly around the world attending meetings and so far with little or no results except to lose the respect of the world because of our spying on our former friends. The problems are many so that they should be able to take them one at a time and try to solve them. The Benghazi murders of Sept. 2012 are still high on the list of unanswered and unsolved questions of why we did not protect our Ambassador Stevens and his staff when HELP was just about one hour away in Italy, while the Benghazi battle raged for over eight hours. The SORKIN REPORT stated these facts three times in Oct. 2012 just two weeks after the murders. Another problem we made for ourselves is the spying by the IRS on anyone or any organization that looks askance at the White House, and who is keeping track of the tremendous rise in food stamp give aways. No, I don’t mean to stop the help the HONEST folks who need aid while we try to stop the bleeding of the job market, I mean to stop the stamps from going to the thieves and entitlement believers who spend their days sitting, not on my stoop, drinking out of a brown paper bag. What about Sec. Sebelius finally going to “Silicon Valley” for help in fixing or eliminating Obamacare which is dividing the Nation further. In fact, maybe Sec. Sebelius should resign to hasten the repair or the removal of Obamacare. I look forward in horror to the growing fight we’re going to have about the 12 million illegals who are already a burden to our country. Lucky for them that Breckenridge Long who was Asst. Sec.of State in the 40′s isn’t here because he would have attempted to prevent them from crossing our border at the beginning. The battle grows hotter and the fire chief in the White House does little or nothing to douse the flames. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

Back To 10-1-13 An Alert From The Sorkin Report

Presidents Obama and Assad see eye to eye on a peaceful approach to Syrian murders by Assad, both men however have been judged cross eyed by 68.3% of the Western World and 51.2% of the entire world. Obama is speeding up talks with Iranian new Pres. Rouhani who waits for word from major Ayatollahs on what to say. Pres.B. Hussein Obama waits on
what to say from his team Michelle Obama, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarret. There used to be 2 male members in the ‘tell Obama what to say group’. David Axelrod, who is now on intermittent hiatus, coming in only when there is a grammatical correction to be made on the TELEPROMPTER Obama reads from. The other male member of this group, Rahm Emanuel, now mayor of Chicago was seen slinking about Chicago, the murder capital of the U.S. in
his personal SHERMAN TANK emblazoned with a large sticker saying ‘I’m happy to be here in Chicago’. It’s a lot better than the sinking ship in Washington. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.


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