8:30 PM 8-12-14  If your calendar says 1933, the year the “madman”, AKA Adolf Hitler started his madness theory of world destruction and conquest for a 1000 year Reich, that ended with the deaths of 65 million armed forces and civilians your calendar is correct.  When you turn the page to 9-14-45, the formal surrender of Japan you will find the deaths being totaled amid the complete ruin of cities devastated for generations because of the ruination by the atomic bombs needed to prevent further deaths. Turn another page of the calendar to Jan. 6,1946, when Pastor Martin Niemoller who had recently been released from a Nazi prison when he spoke out at a religious convocation on that date and stated the following: “first they came for the communists and I did not speak out, because I was not a communist; then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist; then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist; then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew; then they came for me  and there was no one left to speak out for me”.  Fast forward your calendar to today and you will find that the Jews have retaken their ancestral homeland and have sworn one to another “Never Again” will there be a 1933 or 1938 as far as the Jews are concerned.  But we now worry about our Christian brothers and the Hindus and the Buddhists and the Folk religions who now fear the savagery and butchery of the evil Muslims who now threaten the world and publicly state that they will plant their bloody flag in our White House.  Europe, the entire continent sleeps and dreams of a leader and when they awake they look to the United States which should be the world leader and is not because our leader is NOT a leader.  He is what he was trained to be, a Chicago community organizer.  Leading the United States and the world is not in his DNA and we all suffer and are concerned as we find the terrorists of Hamas and ISIS gaining strength and victory with the war material left behind by the Iraqi army and the losers in Syria. World, for goodness sake, wake up, find a New leader. Europe, you were a tower of strength before 1914 and then France hid behind the Maginot line during WWII while England suffered almost alone.  But then the fire went out and the UN and NATO and the EU and fifty other hands behind their backs organizations sit and wait, for what?  for whom?  A LEADER TO SAVE THE SANE WORLD before INSANITY overtakes and overcomes the terror stricken world. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MY HOME!!! Please send this SORKIN REPORT to all of your friends…..


6:15 P.M. 7-18-14 I was reading a magazine the other day which had a lead which said “when does it all end”?  Is there anyone out there with an objective attitude that is having trouble deciding which side of the spiked, barb wire, stone fence your president b.HUSSEIN Obama is on when it comes to both domestic and foreign policy?  Let me for a moment give you the opinion of the SORKIN REPORT on both of these issues. First, Obama has appointed ALL YES Men and Women throughout his horrible 6 year reign so far.  I use the word reign because it is my opinion that he considers himself the KING of a third rate country created by him.  I do not have to break down each particular gaffe of B. HUSSEIN because the readers of the SORKIN REPORT and the respondents to our man in the street questions know the answer.  He strapped in Leon Panetta as a pencil pusher to begin the dollar cutting of our armed forces until he got us down to where he could bring in Chuck Hagel to just about sink the Navy, ground the Air Force and cripple the Army and the Marines.  He has opened up the flood gates into the U.S.A. without ANY thought of how to REALLY help those fleeing the poverty and abuse of their native lands.  We who know of such tragedy and horror want to Help, but for GOODNESS SAKES have a plan to HELP, not a plan to DESTROY.  In the case of our foreign policy, we DON’T have one thanks to Obama.  We have people shuffling around the world picking up air mile points while all the while Valerie Jarret sits in Washington sending out the orders and monitoring the speeches.  When it comes to the mid-east there has been some talk not substantiated as yet that Obama doesn’t know where it is except when he met and BOWED TO THE KING OF SAUDI ARABIA.  Talking about the mid-east, during the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns Obama cried for, clung to and publicly blessed ISRAEL our greatest ALLY in the world, a country who we would back and front to the last ISRAEL IDF man and woman.  He ran around in shirt sleeves promising to stand beside ISRAEL just like he did to POLAND and others when he discontinued the anti-Russian shield over those countries.  And now to absolutely show that he is with ISRAEL in HER fight for survival OBAMA continues to send millions of dollars to the very bunch of terrorists who don’t even keep their word for six hours of a cease fire.  That is the story of Obama’s friendship and commitment to ISRAEL.  ALL words and nothing behind them, but a pool table and a bottle of beer.  When Obama speaks of ISRAEL harming “innocent” civilians, let him also speak of the fact that was shown on TV Wednesday 7-16-14 when ISRAEL dropped hundreds of thousands of leaflets on GAZA imploring the people to leave that area because there would be fighting there in the next few days.  When the world accuses ISRAEL of hurting civilians, let the world also tell that ISRAEL uses its guns to protect civilians while the ARAB FORCES USE THEIR CIVILIANS TO PROTECT THEIR GUNS!  Let the HATE MONGERS and WAR MONGERS think of the collateral damage before they begin their unholy wars based on loathing and their own resolution to destroy Israel.  It seems that Obama is always wearing slippers when he makes a statement.  He has not made a forceful nor aggressive comment during this entire episode which has led to ISRAEL having to drive into GAZA simply to save itself.  The UN, the BIGGEST SCAM in history says and does nothing and Obama continues partying and fundraising while the fiery turmoil grows hotter.  Europe searches for a leader because they can do nothing without one.  They look to Obama and sadly so do we, and HE IS LACKING.  With friends and leaders like Obama, who needs enemies.  To get back to my first sentence of this SORKIN REPORT let us hope it will begin to end in Nov. 2014 and finally end in Nov. 2016.  GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MY HOME!!!!  PLEASE PASS THIS SORKIN REPORT ON TO YOUR FRIENDS.


 4:30PM 7-12-14
Pres. B. HUSSEIN OBAMA today issued a statement that he will broker a cease fire between the SOVEREIGN  STATE OF ISRAEL  and the terrorist Hamas group who have sworn to destroy ISRAEL and cast  IT into the sea. Recent history shows that Obama could not broker a peace treaty with Osama bin Laden, we had to finally send in our NAVY SEALS to capture and destroy him. Obama couldn’t intervene successfully to stop the 3 year civil war with thousands killed in Syria, he couldn’t  broker a cease fire in the Arab Spring debacle in Egypt, he couldn’t get a cease fire to stop the killings in Benghazi  of our Amb. Chris Stevens and 3 of his aides and he has not even been able to stop the invasion of our Border States. Who in this world would think that he would take time from his pool playing and beer drinking to try to get the cease fire 7000 miles away from Washington,  when he didn’t even go 300 miles by Air Force 1 to view  the disaster in our own country, which is of his making.  I don’t even think that JUAN WILLIAMS and BOB BECKEL  believe that he can arrange a cease fire in the mid-east. The statement by ISRAELI  PRIME  MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU  that there will be NO CEASE FIRE until the terrorist Hamas organization STOPS it’s shelling of ISRAEL is the statement THE SORKIN REPORT AGREES WITH!!!  GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MY HOME !  Please pass this ALERT along to your friends.




2:30 P.M. 7-6-14 – In a world full of unfairness, at 6:30 P M on 6-17-14,  I wrote my comments on THE SORKIN REPORT about the kidnapping and murder of the 3 Israeli religious students. Today I am NOT forced by law or government to write of my frustration and anger about the KILLING of a young ARAB boy.  I shouted on paper, and no one heard, that no one at the pin head UN did not even look up from their steaks at the FOUR SEASONS to DEMAND that the boys be freed immediately.  Today my outrage is again directed at the half baked UN and the incompetent world politicians who do NOT YELL loud enough about the killing of the young ARAB LAD.  Whatever I said on 6-17-14 when I wrote about the Israeli’s killed allegedly by ARAB TERRORISTS, I CRY just as LOUD or even louder that the perpetrators of the heinous crime against the ARAB youngster, whoever they may be and wherever they are should be located, tried in a court of law and if convicted they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Again, absolute idiocy on the part of the murderers of that ARAB young man.  For GOODNESS SAKES STOP THE KILLING, where in this GIGANTIC WORLD isn’t there someone STRONG ENOUGH TO STOP THE KILLING AND BEGIN THE LIVING? I wish I had the FORUM to make THEM LISTEN AND ACT!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MY HOME! PASS THIS SORKIN REPORT ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS.







8:00 PM 7-1-14 I CRY today not for myself, but for the WHOLE WORLD. Three young men returning from religious school, kidnapped and murdered and the WORLD says and does NOTHING! To some these 3 potential scientists,or teachers, or Presidents struck down for only one reason. They were JEWS! I absolve NO ONE, NO COUNTRY, NO RELIGIOUS LEADER of the 4200 religions in the world who did NOT step to the microphone of the world at the UN, the complete zero of mankind,THE BIGGEST SCAM OF ALL TIME. I called the office of Sen. Robert Menendez on 6-14-14 at 7:45 PM and left a message on the tape. At 7:48 6-14-14 I called the office of Sen. Cory Booker and at 7:50 PM I called the office of Cong. Bill Pascrell and luckily there was someone in the office. I will not name that person now. I do not blame Sen. Menendez, Sen. Booker, or Cong. Pascrell because they might not have received my message. My message to all 3 was to DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF THE 3 kidnapped students. Even if they had received the message and SCREAMED it from their own fiefdom, I feel that it would not have done much good, primarily because the stature of the U.S. in the world arena is at the lowest point in our history, a situation I place directly at the door of the OVAL OFFICE. On 6-19-14 there was a rally of hundreds in Paramus in support of the 3 murdered young men and still NOT ONE WORD from any N.J. legislator that I am aware of. NOT ONE member of the 180 members of the UN dared to rise and DEMAND the IMMEDIATE FREEDOM of the young boys. Their fear was that the UN is controlled by the 23 countries in the ARAB LEAGUE and so they again traded JEWISH LIVES for ARAB OIL. The U.S. did with its weak voice call for the freedom for the young men. England, France, Germany supposed allies of ours were silent. England, of course since its double cross of not allowing JEWS to enter their own land ISRAEL after the HOLOCAUST did or said nothing until after the killings were discovered. Since the twisting of the BALFOUR DECLARATION England has NOT been the best friend of ISRAEL. In fact, Queen Elizabeth has visited every single country in the middle-East with the exception of one country, ISRAEL. The time for crying for the 3 young men KILLED by TERRORISTS will be forever for their families, for ISRAEL, for ALL JEWS the world over, and also for ALL MEN and WOMEN of good conscience and love of life all over the world! I pity the poor ARAB mother who recently stated that she had 11 children all being brought up to hate and to kill JEWS. What kind of insanity is that to wish your children dead while GOD, though he be called by many different names made ALL humans in HIS image. Did HE want us killing and to be killed for hate? COMPLETELY INSANE!! NO MUSLIM LEADER had called out for the release of the THREE DESTINED FOR DEATH AND A SHALLOW GRAVE! Who else is there to ask for help? Governments, organizations, individuals all of those have failed, it is only the ONE GOD called by varied names by thousands of religions who WILL help. And for the MURDERERS and their followers and believers, the words of the great AMERICAN writer, humorist, and wonderful human being, MARK TWAIN who said in 1899 “that the JEWS and the EGYPTIANS, the BABYLONIANS and the PERSIANS rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away, the GREEK and the ROMAN followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other people have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out and they sit in the twilight now, or have vanished. The JEW saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the JEW, all other forces pass, but he remains.” And then there is Count Leo Tolstoy, who is famous as the author of “WAR and PEACE” who wrote about the JEWS in 1908. “The JEW is the emblem of eternity. He who neither slaughter nor torture of thousands of years could destroy, he who neither fire nor sword, nor inquisition was able to wipe off the face of the earth. He who has been for so long the GUARDIAN of PROPHESY and has transmitted it to the rest of the world. Such a nation CANNOT BE DESTROYED. The JEW is AS EVERLASTING AS ETERNITY ITSELF”. Let the weak kneed dumbheads of the UN read and listen to the words of Mark Twain and Count Leo Tolstoy. Let ALL the TERRORISTS and ALL the CRAZIES of the world know that by GOD’S will WE WILL BE HERE because we now have the JEWISH HOMELAND, ISRAEL, back where it belongs. It belongs to the JEWS because it was given to us by GOD and we will PROTECT it for HIS namesake. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the only country even coming close to being a true friend and ally of ISRAEL. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MY HOME!!!

The Cynical Theorist

6:30 pm 6-17-14 What is a cynic or is it who is a cynic? Is it the same as what is a theorist or who is a theorist? Having said that, I believe that the Sorkin Report is a cynical theorist. The capture Sunday 6-15-14 of Ahmed Abu Khattala, said to be a leading figure in the horrific murders of Amb. Chris Stevens and 3 of his aides in Benghazi on 9-11-12 leads me to a theory. Khattala has been seen publicly many times since Benghazi, why now with his capture? Khattala was even seen having lunch with the N.Y. Times. Did we know then that he might be the killer, or did we just find the evidence to arrest him? And why as a criminal who is being taken to the U.S. for further interrogation and possible trial or shouldn’t he be taken to Gitmo as a possible terrorist and be interrogated there? Now comes The SORKIN REPORT cynical theory. At the present time former Secy. of State Hillary Clinton is being haunted by her answers or non-answers about Benghazi which occurred during her “watch”. With 2016 fast approaching, could it be that we the U.S. govt. has known for many months that Khattala should at least be arrested and questioned about the Benghazi murders and that somewhere very high up in the political hierarchy of the U.S. they were waiting for the perfect moment, which was Sunday 6-15-14 to capture Khattala. Was it done now to thereby possibly take some of the heat of Benghazi off the shoulders of the former Secy. of State Hilary Clinton? The SORKIN REPORT certainly does not know about any of this, but as a theory ———-GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

Impeachment In The Wind

This SORKIN REPORT is to the following named members of Congress whose statements about Obama impeachment I agree with. The dates are those on which impeachment is mentioned. Cong. Darrell E. Issa, May 2013, Michael C. Burgess, Aug 2011, Jason Chaffetz, May 2013, Blake Farenthold, Aug. 2013, Kerry Bentivolio, Aug.2013, Sen.James F. Imhof, May 2013, Tom Coburn, Aug.2013. Another new set of facts, we now have three U.S. citizens being held as prisoners in foreign countries, a Pastor in Iran, a GI in Mexico, and a religious student in the West Bank. This is another indication of the loss of power of the U.S. under the weak kneed Obama administration. It is hoped that both these issues are pursued by Congress !!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

The Biggest SCAM Of ALL Time

Bet you thought the top “scammer” was Bernie Madoff who had 50 billion of other peoples money. Well, I must tell you you’re way off. The top SCAM ARTIST of ALL TIME is the UNITED NATIONS. Yes, that distinguished group occupying those beautiful marble halls over on the East River. They or it (the UN) make Bernie look like a piker and yet not one of them sits in a cell next to Bernie at the Federal Prison in Butner, N.C. Now a bit about the U.N. Final word has been received at the office of the SORKIN REPORT of the untimely passing of the UNTIED NATIONS formerly known as the UNITED NATIONS. Cause of death was determined to be the transposing of a vowel and a consonant and collapsing of the backbone. The birth date of the UN seemed to indicate the thorny and circuitous path it was going to take right from its origin because even now, after its passing from the scene, at least in the sense that it no longer occupies the pinnacle of man’s hope, there is some doubt and much discussion as to its real birth date. The dates used are April 25,1945 the day the UN Conference on International Organization opened; June 26,1945 the date the Conference closed with the adoption of the UN Charter or October 24,1945 a day commemorated by Presidential Proclamation as the founding day of the UN. The UN took ill from almost its first day of life and struggled through 69 difficult years before death overtook it. Its accomplishments in relation to its potential were small. The last few weeks of its illness overtook the UN with a sudden shooting swiftness so that its final days were spent in the intensive care unit of its building on the East River in New York City. The final moments of the UN were witnessed by most of the 193 nations who crowded into the great hall. The number of mourners among the many nations however was not as great. Outside, all of the hundreds of millions of just “plain Joes” all over the world watched another one of their prime hopes for peace and fulfilled lives again go into the dust. We all share in the blame for the death of the UN. Some, however must accept more blame than others, but all of us, for not being able either individually or collectively to force the UN to live up to its Charter and its lofty original concept are to blame for its failure and death. To those of us who had watched the UN grow to weak-kneed adulthood we are appalled by its total lack of leadership and strength on its death bed. What are we to say when we read of a District Court Judge denying bail to a father accused of killing his own son, what are we to say to the UN who in 69 years of strife never quite grew into the role for which it was born and then aided in its own destruction. We watched in 1948 as the UN helped give birth to a child, the STATE of ISRAEL. Israel was then the creation of the UN and is still today a member of that family. But the UN had started down the path of murder, the killing of one’s child by allowing a known self confessed killer of helpless women and children to come before it to speak in behalf of making murder and despotism legal. The UN had become a prostitute, no, a whore, who had sold its august body for barrels of oil. A once illustrious body who had demeaned the Charter of the UN, a once lofty body who had come off of its pedestal of hope to grovel in the mud and slime of force and extortion and murder. There are now over 26 wars, insurrections, conflicts, hostilities,etc. going on all over the “falling apart” world. All of Africa is on fire with the latest disaster, the kidnapping of 276 young girls in Nigeria, Darfur(Sudan) is still feeling the ravages of internal savagery while their refugees stream into Chad for a chance to breathe. The Middle East is just waiting for the first nuclear bomb to be created and exploded by the deranged Iran leadership, Jordan is overrun with refugees, Syria continues to murder its own people and Europe led by England, France, and the Netherlands are being smothered by Muslim extremists, Russia is poised to pounce on Ukraine while Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania all sleep with the windows and doors locked and all the lights on in case the “Bear” does not find enough in Ukraine. And Israel, the only Democracy in the mid-east, the best ally of the US in the entire world stands alone waiting for Secy. of State John Kerry and Pres. B.Hussein Obama to keep their promise and NOT attempt to force ISRAEL to give its OWN LAND to the “Palestinians”, and still not get the official recognition by them that ISRAEL, is the official State of the JEWISH people. Its demand for recognition as such should be given immediately by the “Palestinians” and ALL 193 members of the UN. The approximate cost of this SCAM by the DO NOTHING UN is absolutely gigantic. As of 2012, we the U.S. pay almost 1/5th (or 20%) of the entire UN Budget. No other country pays as much as 2% and most pay below 1%. Peacekeeping alone for the year July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 will add up to about 7.83 Billion. Our U.S. pays nearly 567 million for the regular UN budget. Most of that budget seems to be used for everything but the purpose for which it was intended. Example: during the 2011 Genl. Assembly session it is said that Pres. Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone occupied two entire floors at the Hyatt(48 Lex). Rwandan Pres. Paul Kagame stayed in the $16,000.00 per night Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Oriental in 2011 according to another report. I strongly feel that we the U.S. should resign immediately from the U.N. and use the hundreds of billions it has cost us to be a member for our own use here in the U.S. except for what we will continue to distribute through our own agencies to all and any country that needs help. Color, religion, ethnicity all do not count, if you need help we the U.S. will help. The rumor along 1st Ave. close to the East River Castles say that Hotels like the 4 Seasons Hotel with the Ty Warner penthouse at $45,000.00 per night, the Mandarin Oriental, the Ritz Carlton at Battery Park, the N.Y. Palace and the Plaza are still in the battle to keep the spendthrift UN in N.Y. ’cause that is where the top UN execs are said to stay. Some of the top N.Y. restaurants are also said to be quietly lobbying for the UN to remain in N.Y. MASA, Per Se, 11 Madison Park, Daniel, Le Bernardin and Jean Georges are said to be part of that group. Mayor DeBlasio, you can have the millions you need for new affordable housing, Oso, Washington can be rebuilt after the landslide, all of the tornado devastated towns can be rebuilt, all the rusting bridges throughout the U.S. can be restored or rebuilt. In other words, we can rebuild the infrastructure of our country simply by pulling out of the DO NOTHING UN and using the hundreds of billions here at home. And yet, can it be time only for despair or can there yet be hope for a NEW WORLD. It is obvious that the hope will not come from the UN, that hope for freedom for ALL men must come from without those marble halls. WORLD, raise up your voices for justice and reason and life or as surely as day follows night you will have no voices to raise up!!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!

The Biggest Scam Of All Time

The biggest SCAM in the world’s history, oh, oh, hold everything here’s a news ALERT coming in from one of the SORKIN REPORTS intern correspondents. Go ahead Chuck, you are calling from Lynchburg, VA. beyond the Beltway, ok what is the news? Rumor has it that Pres. B HUSSEIN Obama is going to endorse, sorry, is going to support a grass roots campaign starting right after the 2014 elections for Valerie Jarrett. Your info further states that since she’s been doing most of the heavy lifting, Chuck will you repeat that please, I’m not sure I got it correctly, your info further states that since she’s been doing most of the heavy lifting for the past 4 years anyway, the Pres. is going to toss her hat into the Democratic ring. He is also going to run her name up the flagpole, ok, that’s all you’ve got, please, please check that story before the SORKIN REPORT goes viral with it. Ok, thanks Chuck, check the story and get back to us ASAP. We’ll follow up on this story for you SORKIN REPORT readers and try to get the FACTS as quickly as possible. Hillary will certainly be glad to hear this “cause it will take the full load off she and Bill. Tell your friends to read the SORKIN REPORT. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! P.S. We’ll get back to the BIGGEST SCAM story as soon as possible.

Brandeis Univ. You Made an Error

It is usually best to begin at the beginning, so that is what I’m going to do. In my BLOG,THE Sorkin Report, of Jan. 6, 2014 entitled NEVER AGAIN, I wrote the following “it is not the Muslims who are EVIL, it is the EVIL Muslims who are EVIL”. And now comes the stupidity of Brandeis Univ. A few months ago Brandeis had offered an Honorary Degree and an opportunity to speak at the graduation on May 18th. Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the selected Honoree is a distinguished author and an outspoken defender of women’s rights in Islamic countries. Incidentally, Ms. Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia and was raised as a Muslim. She was also a member of the Dutch Parliament. She has fought tirelessly to prevent the assault upon young girls, as young as 6 years old, and young women in Iran and other fanatical Muslim states who have been subjected to both physical and mental torture. When the announcement of the Honors to Ms. Hirsi Ali was made public, CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, jumped on Brandeis Univ. and strictly by the use of intimidation, CAIR forced Brandeis to recall the Honors to Ms. Hirsi Ali. Brandeis shuddered from fear of CAIR and of alienating it. In Govt. Exh. 21-61, The International Muslim Brotherhood ordered the MUSLIM Brotherhood chapters throughout the WORLD to create Palestine Committees, whose job was to SUPPORT HAMAS with media, money and men”. According to a U.S. Government Document, Gov. Exh. 21-61 was entered into evidence in the LARGEST TERROR funding trial in our nation’s history. The Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. created the U.S. Palestine Committee, which CAIR later joined. For a predominately JEWISH UNIV. to buckle under to a radical organization who is seeking to change the form of government of the U.S. and the WORLD is the height of or rather the low of universal scrapping of free speech. Brandeis has the right to offer an Honorary Degree to anyone it chooses, in fact in my opinion it has the responsibility to offer the platform, particularly to those who need that stage to proclaim their ideals and thoughts particularly when they are in the eyes and minds of most people to be the thought of TRUTH and FREEDOM of Speech. The WORLD knows what happened from 1933 thru 1945 when NO COUNTRY stood up to suppress the diabolic ideas of a mad man. The purpose of CAIR is said to be the destruction of the government of Iran and other Muslim countries while at the same time continuing to hold prisoner the ENTIRE FEMALE population of ALL Muslim countries. For Brandeis Univ. especially, to capitulate to CAIR, an organization dedicated to the destruction of the U.S., and its way of life is a travesty and a horrible scar on the reputation of a once great institution of learning. The irony of the entire episode is that Brandeis is named for the late great U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis whose mantra was and whose legacy still is FREEDOM of SPEECH and DEMOCRACY. To prostitute the Brandeis Univ. name and its icon U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brandeis is a horrendous disgrace. The soul of Justice Brandeis must be spinning in heaven because of this dishonorable act by Brandeis Univ. For the Univ. which has studied the history of the JEWS, who have suffered more injustice, more pogroms, more boycotts, more slaughterings, more murders, more of them forced to dig their own graves during the holocaust and not to speak up or not allow its podium to be used for FREE SPEECH and DEMOCRACY is a MONUMENTAL DISGRACE. In the words of Rev. Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the son of the world renowned Evangelist Billy Graham who stated “and I would say to Muslims in this country, if they want to practice Sharia Law, go back to where you came from, to those nations that recognize Sharia law, but we have our own laws here”. Tell your friends about THE SORKIN REPORT – have them read it!!!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!


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